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We’re Chris and Jamie Bailey.
We help couples like you navigate this incredible journey called marriage. Whether you are engaged, recently married, or have been married for awhile, we are here to help enjoy the journey.

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Expedition Marriage Stress Rescue

Feeling tired of all the fatique, overwhelm, and aggravation that comes from added stress in your life? How does having a purposeful at home date night sound as a means to clear it all up? Good?

5 Ways to Know if Your Marriage is Under Stress

STRESS – “The degree to which you feel overwhelmed or unable to cope as a result of pressures that are unmanageable.” HEARD. As of late, the statistics are showing that people everywhere are stressed out. In fact, with 8 out 10 adults saying that they are under...

Finding Hope in Your Hurting Marriage

One of the greatest advantages of being Christian Counselors is being able to look at all situations through a lens of hope. Real hope.  Early on, and all throughout our schooling, we were always reminded of step number one—to instill hope. Every single couple we...

How to Spring Clean Your Marriage

Nothing inspires us to simplify, clean and start afresh quite like spring does. So why not make use of all that motivation and get some cleaning done in your marriage too? Let’s be honest, it probably got a little dusty over the winter anyways. Holidays, the bitter...

When Your Spouse Wants a Divorce

There’s not much quite as painful as being in a marriage with someone who doesn’t want to be in it with you. This can definitely be a challenging situation, but it’s not always as hopeless as it may seem. “My spouse wants to leave me, but I want to fix our marriage....

17 Great Pieces of Marriage Advice

When it comes to advice on marriage, there are a whole lot of opinions out there. Some of them are valuable, but some, perhaps not so much. As marriage counselors, especially Christian ones, we definitely have our own thoughts on advice for your marriage, but for this...

3 Things to do When your Marriage is Struggling

When my husband and I first got married we sure did have a lot to learn. I was a tad bit controlling and a bit of a yeller. He on the other hand was the opposite—a pleaser to the max! This was not a great combination to have in a disagreement. I would rant and yell...

The Best Valentine’s Day Gift for your Marriage

Valentine’s Day, that wonderful day of love. As a married couple, you have either come to love this day or potentially dread it. It’s either a day that allows you to celebrate your love, or it’s a day that has you wondering where it went.  If you’re still hopelessly...

5 Ways to Boost your Marriage

Many years ago, when I was a stay at home mom raising three little girls, it was safe to say that I was tired, busy and distracted. At the end of the day when my husband came home it was game on! You know the game, it’s called “Tag! You’re it!” Let’s just say that one...

4 Ways to Know if Your Marriage Needs Counseling

First things first, can we just go ahead and put to rest all the stigma that comes with counseling? It’s truly just nonsense. We don’t shame our children for needing to go to school to get educated, we don’t shame the person with a broken leg who goes to the...

How to Handle Stress in Marriage

There was a season in our lives as a young married couple where we were living off of high stress. We were young, had two kids, mediocre paying jobs, and I was pregnant with our third daughter and suffering greatly from yet another round of hyperemesis—which is...

How to Make Couple’s Devotions Really Happen

If you’re like most Christian couples, bringing God into the center of your marriage is important to you, but making that happen can be difficult. First of all, know that you’re not alone. We’re professional Christian counselors and it can be hard for us too. Just...

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