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We’re Chris and Jamie Bailey, Christian Counselors and Marriage Coaches.
We help couples just like you with the challenges of navigating this incredible journey called marriage. Wherever you are in your relationship, we can help you enjoy the journey.


Winning the Real Marriage Battle

John 10:10: “The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy…” As if this list of destruction isn’t bad enough, allow me to add one more thing; to distract. Not just to distract us with busyness but to distract us from even realizing that he is real, that...

Building Spiritual Intimacy

Spiritual intimacy is the glue that holds couples together. When you started your relationship and marriage, it likely relied heavily upon emotional and physical intimacy. If you’ve been married for any length of time, you’ll know that emotions change frequently, and...

3 Things Your Marriage Counselor Won’t Tell You

As a counselor, I got into this field because I love people and I am a huge believer in hope. I believe it is something everyone needs to know that they have. In fact, instilling hope is always our first goal during an initial session in our marriage ministry,...

Working Through Forgiveness & Finding Joy Again

Have you ever been betrayed or hurt so deeply that the pain is the only thing you can think about? Your heart and mind race through thoughts of hopelessness, vengeance, sadness, anger, and all the ways to protect yourself from ever getting hurt like that again. Your...

Help! My Spouse Has Depression

2020, a year we will never forget. It was a year that ushered in a lot of heavy things, disease, fear, chaos, change, and let’s not forget, depression. Relatively soon after the pandemic hit rates of depression (and anxiety) tripled. And if that wasn’t bad enough,...

A Simple Way to Create Family Memories

If you’re in the middle of raising a family and your home is filled with noise, laughter, chaos, and busyness, then you know that there are a lot of opportunities within your four walls for many memories to be made.  There’s always a birthday to be celebrated,...

The Key To Having Healthy Conflict

I remember entering marriage so excited to have finally found the one who will complete me. The knowing that all we needed for a happy marriage was love—and based off how much we had of that for one another, we were gonna be just fine.  Then enters the blindside of...

How to Know if Your Spouse is Really Sorry

Your spouse has done something wrong. Maybe they’ve said something hurtful, lied to you, or forgot to do that thing they’ve been promising to do. But maybe they’ve done something as harmful as had an affair or started gaslighting you to the point of emotional abuse.Is...

Advice for the Newlywed

If only we knew then what we know now after 28 years of marriage, our lives would have gone a lot smoother. Now don’t let that scare you—because we think marriage is GREAT! We’re not ever going to tell you that it’s not challenging, but we do want to encourage you...

When is it Time to Quit Working on Your Marriage?

Sometimes you just need to quit working on your marriage in order to save it. I know this may sound counterproductive or like really bad marriage advice, especially from a Christian counselor, but there’s a reason for it. Imagine for a minute that you got up tomorrow...

7 Vows That Need to be Said at The Altar

There’s nothing wrong with traditional wedding vows, but if we’re honest, they do leave some room for different interpretations: For better or for worse— When he brings home Starbucks and when he doesn’t In sickness and in health—When one of us has a 24hr stomach bug...

Christian Wives, Stop Doing These Things

It always seems like there’s such an exhaustive list of all the things wives should either be doing or not be doing, and truth be told, as a Christian, there kind of is. This doesn’t let men off the hook, and God certainly has a list for them too, but this article is...

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