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7 Vows That Need to be Said at The Altar

There’s nothing wrong with traditional wedding vows, but if we’re honest, they do leave some room for different interpretations: For better or for worse— When he brings home Starbucks and when he doesn’t In sickness and in health—When one of us has a 24hr stomach bug...

Christian Wives, Stop Doing These Things

It always seems like there’s such an exhaustive list of all the things wives should either be doing or not be doing, and truth be told, as a Christian, there kind of is. This doesn’t let men off the hook, and God certainly has a list for them too, but this article is...

Does Your Spouse Trigger You?

If you’re like the average person, you were shaped by your childhood. It’s in those younger years where you learned foundational things; things like what love is, what safety is, and even how to handle stress and conflict. After all, that’s the goal of childhood, to...

5 Tips for Having Hard Conversations

Do you struggle with talking about difficult topics with your spouse because you’re worried about how it will go? Or maybe it’s a conversation you’ve had before that keeps on turning into an argument? We all know that difficult conversations can be stressful, but they...

Why Just Having More Sex Is NOT The Answer

Have you ever come across a blog, a social media post, or even heard from a well-meaning friend or even pastor, to not withhold sex from your husband or to make sure you’re having more of it to meet his needs?  We see these posts and hear these messages all the time...

When Prayer Isn’t Enough for Your Destructive Marriage

As husband-and-wife marriage therapists, we are as big of proponents for marriage than most anyone is. As Christian marriage therapists we are even bigger believers in prayer and the redeeming power of God. We believe there is nothing that He can’t do and that nothing...

Reasons Not to Divorce

Just recently my husband and I had the opportunity to return to our home state to the exact spot that he got down on one knee and proposed almost 30 years ago. We couldn’t help but think about how much we had gone through as a couple and how much there was that we...

3 Things That Might be Destroying Your Marriage

When I look back on our early years of marriage I often wonder how in the world we made it to year 28! I’ve told my husband on more than one occasion how grateful I am that God chose to put blinders on him for him to marry me. While that sounds self-deprecating, it’s...

3 Must Have Marriage Habits

Do you have any habits in your marriage? Have you ever even thought about whether you do, and if so, what they even are? There’s always been a whole lot of focus on motivation and goals, but the real key to changing your life and your marriage is found in your daily...

Verses for a Christ Centered Marriage

One of the best ways to have a Christ centered marriage is to become two individuals who seek to follow Him. This rightfully places the Lord directly in the center of your marriage. Having Him in the center allows direction, growth, and humility to flow freely, all...

3 Warning Signs of Bad Communication in Your Marriage

How is communication going in your marriage?Are you finding yourselves frequently going round and round and never arriving at a point of resolution?Do you keep getting caught up in the same arguments over and over?How about this one—you just can’t seem to have a...

How to Avoid Conflict in Your Marriage in 3 Minutes

Did you know that the first 3 minutes of a disagreement determines how that conversation will end? It’s true, 96% of the time it’s what takes place in those minutes that will dictate whether resolution is found, or conflict is started. Think about it; with 55% of...

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