30 Day Praying for Your Wife Challenge


If you’re ready to impact your wife’s life and encourage her to become all that God has created her to be, then you’re in the right place!


But first, here’s what it’s not:

  • A plan to change your wife into who YOU want her to be
  • A guarantee that your wife will become the woman of your dreams!
  • A plan for prosperity and ease in her life

Now, here’s what it is:

  • A time of surrendering your wife to the Lord for His best plan
  • A time of humility to step back away from your desires and seek God’s
  • A plan to help you fall deeper in love with the woman you’re carrying to the Lord

If you decide to join, which, why wouldn’t you, here’s what you need to know! 

All you need to do is SIGN UP and you will immediately receive an introductory email welcoming you on the 30 day prayer journey. Next you will begin to receive daily emails that include a shareable quote image, a specific prayer that is rooted in scripture, and on occasion a recommended resource if you’d like to dig deeper. 

Is all that this journey requires of you is a few minutes set aside in your day, preferably right when you receive the email, to pause, align your heart, and pray intentionally for your wife. And that’s it, you can leave the rest up to God!