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If you are like the majority of married couples, communication is a challenge.

Perhaps you’re fighting a little more than you would like, you don’t always feel like your spouse is listening to you, or maybe you’re  not talking much at all. You may not have any idea what it looks like, you just know that you want better communication. Or, maybe this is you, you’ve been feeling a little disconnected to your spouse, you used to spend time together, go on dates, and have actual adult conversations. You miss who you used to be as a couple, or you’re ready to figure out who you are now. 

We are Chris and Jamie, Christian Counselors and Marriage Coaches with Expedition Marriage, and we personally have 26 years of marriage behind us, and  many years of working with couples who are dealing with all sorts of struggles and stages of marriage. The tools we will share in this course have helped many of these couples, not only learn how to communicate better, but also understand the obstacles that have been getting in their way and, in the end, have helped them draw closer to each other without worry for their future.

Our Deeper Connection and Communication program will give you all the skills you need to have the marriage you’ve been longing for and the marriage that honors God the most. You won’t just get tools and techniques, we will also help you get to the root issues so you can truly connect more deeply and move forward once and for all. We promise that you will get the best of proven techniques along with the truth of God’s word.

This is a 6 week interactive online group that will include live weekly interactive group video sessions. In these sessions, you will have us as your personal guides sharing our wisdom and expertise to  help you overcome whatever communication and connection challenges you might be facing. We will provide tools and skills that we will demonstrate and practice as a group, as well as  manageable homework where you can grow in your comfort level using the tools and begin to grow with each other. There will also be ongoing discussion board interactions that go deeper with what you will be learning, as well as a place for you to have an opportunity to share your questions or challenges as we move forward together. 

This is for couples who…
  • Want to become more deeply connected to each other

  • Want to learn how to better communicate

  • Want to learn how to more effectively resolve issues and have healthier conflict

  • Are willing to talk and share in a small group setting including interacting on discussion boards (You will never be asked to share anything you are not comfortable with)

This is NOT for couples who…
  • are in the midst of a major crisis or on the brink of divorce

  • are having issues with abusive behaviors

  • have recently discovered and are dealing with infidelity

  • are dealing with active substance abuse issues

  • are not willing to share in a group, even after having some time to warm up

 This will be offered different times throughout the year. If you are interested in finding out more or being notified when we have our next course, please Email us or use the Contact form.

2 Payment Plan

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  • Automatic Charge 30 Days Later
  • Extra charge for processing fees

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