Do you have any goals for your marriage? Have you ever sat down and talked about where you’d like to be as a married couple years down the road? When we were first married, we always wanted to grow old together and be that cute little couple you see holding hands while on a walk or sitting across the table laughing with one another. We could see ourselves all wrinkled and thriving in love. 

We’ve had many goals through the years; some were to make more money, to have a certain number of kids, to buy a home, to get careers we wanted, and to be in better shape. You name it, we’ve probably dreamt of achieving it.

But the truth is, goals don’t get you anywhere. Goals without good habits, anyway.

Habits are where it’s at when you have big things you want to accomplish in life, and I’m assuming a happy and thriving marriage is one of those things.  Your marriage will only be as good as your habits, so you must be sure you have some good ones!

Things to incorporate DAILY into your marriage :

Acknowledge one another when you wake up, leave, reunite, and go to bed. Say good morning, offer up a goodbye and hello kiss, and an I love you before bed. These are simple but profound ways to prioritize your spouse.

Offer your help. Grab a towel and help dry the dishes, offer to bathe the kids, or tidy up a cluttered space. Be a helpful contributor in your marriage. It’s great to have divided tasks and household duties, but it’s also great to do some of the things that aren’t on your list but on theirs. Practice serving one another selflessly habitually. 

Pray individually and together. Ask the Lord to use you in your marriage every day. Ask Him to grow you as a husband or wife and pray together for your marriage. Many studies have shown that couples who pray together daily have a less than 1% divorce rate. It just doesn’t get much better than that! Check out this 30 Day Praying for Your Husband Challenge to up your prayer time! 

Get in the Word. Seek God and grow as a child of God. He has the best plan for you and your marriage, but if you never check in with Him or get to know Him, His best plan will also be left unknown. He is the Creator of marriage and knows exactly what it takes to succeed. He’s also the one who knows you and your spouse better than anyone. The more time you spend with Him, the more clearly you will hear Him. 


Ultimately, you must have good daily habits if you want a marriage that will last through the years. The little things done with consistency will keep you heading in the direction you want to go.