Did you know that a whopping 83% of the population does not have any goals? That means that majority of people are just living their lives and allowing whatever happens to just happen. Then there’s another 14% that has goals but aren’t serious enough about them to write them down.


This is not only a bad idea as a way of life, but it’s a really bad idea for your marriage. So, how about taking the 3% approach instead? What the 3% does is makes goals and writes them down. If you do that you will be in the top 3% of the population that is 30 times more likely to achieve your goals. Else, your marriage will just go wherever life takes it.

Let me encourage you as a couple to take some time, sit down together, and go over some of these top 5 goals and write them down.

Top 5 New Year Goals for Couples

This first one is rather simple, in fact, you probably already know people who have done this, or you may have done it yourself—pick a word. Think about one word that you want more of in your marriage this year. It can be peace, focus, growth, family, etc… We recommend you pray about this and see what word God may give you.

One simple word can act like a filter for your year. For instance, if it doesn’t help you grow, have peace or benefit family time, then it doesn’t get on your calendar. It’s the word you filter all your decisions through.

You also want to take time and reflect on the past. What worked about last year and what didn’t? Is there anything on the schedule that is stressful or that steals from your family or your peace? Was there anything that you loved and want more of? Discuss these things together.

When you’ve done your reflecting, it’s time to decide if you’re up for the challenge of fixing what is broken.There’s nothing like a new year that gives you a clean slate. Why bring old broken things into a new year. Now is the time to think about how you are as a couple. How is your communication? How well are you handling conflict? How about the household chores and business of running a family? If there’s an area that’s not working, decide to fix it.

Another great goal for the year is to make it a priority to connect daily. There are 4 prime times or sweet spots in your daily routine that are great for connecting. When you wake up, when you depart from one another, when you return together, and when you go to bed. Use those times for kisses, hugs, questions, and encouragements. Just get face to face and connect.

Lastly, and this is a big one—have fun! Don’t ever get so caught up in hitting those goals without making fun one of them. Friendship is foundational in marriage and a really solid indicator about the health of a marriage too. It’s been proven time and time again that coupes who have a solid friendship last the longest and are the most satisfied in their marriage.

As a new year approaches, always keep in mind that you may not be able to control what the new year brings, but you can always decide how you’re going to handle it.

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