Regarding marriage, holding back certain things should not be the norm. It can be so tempting to withhold things from one another for various reasons. Some things are hard to share because they’re embarrassing, or you’re worried about how your spouse will feel about them or if they’ll be upset. Other things you don’t want to share because maybe you feel like they won’t matter anyway.  The truth is that healthy marriages have two individuals that share with each other.

Here are 7 Things You Want to Share with Your Spouse:

  • Your thoughts- Don’t hold back your thoughts and ideas from your spouse. Let them know what’s going on in your head.
  • Your fears- Share your fears with one another. When you let your spouse know what scares you, they can be a reassuring resource to you.
  • Your appreciation- Don’t assume that your spouse knows you appreciate them. Even if they do, they will always like being appreciated again.  Let them know the little things they do that matter. Share with them how much whatever it is they do helps you or makes you feel better.
  • Your body- This can be one of the most fun things to share in marriage. Physical intimacy is a need for both of you. There are so many benefits to becoming one flesh.
  • Your concerns- As you’re reading these, perhaps you’ve already noticed a trigger has been hit with you. That is something to share with your spouse. Your concerns should be important in your marriage.
  • Your encouragement- Life can be hard. Perhaps life is hard right now. Be diligent in encouraging your spouse. If they’re like the rest of us, there’s a high likelihood that they need it!
  • Your needs- The only way your needs will get met is if you share them. Don’t rely on them to pick up subtle hints or guess them on their own. Share them.

As you’ve gone through this list, if there are any that are difficult for you or that you struggle with, it’s important for you to give that some attention. Next to God, your spouse is designed to be your greatest resource, as you are theirs. You must have enough safety in your marriage to share the hard things, enough friendship to share the fun things, and enough security to share the areas you struggle with and desire to grow in.

Today is a great day to start sharing! Pick one area off the list and start sharing today!

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