Don’t you just love a change of season? When the weather begins to change it usually brings along with it some new inspiration to do different things. If you’re anything like me, the fall always inspires coziness, connection, getting out in nature, and the eating of warm, rich foods!

Fall can also be a time of being busy. As summer closes out, structure and fuller schedules begin to enter back in. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that your spouse and your marriage don’t get put on the back burner. While you’re adding all those appointments and deadlines to your calendar, be sure to prioritize some time for some togetherness with the one you love!

Cheap, but Relationally Rich Fall Dates

Take a drive. Sounds simple, but this can be a great time of year to check out a new area. Drive a town away, check out the scenes of fall in your surrounding area. Make this a time of conversation about your marriage, your dreams, your future together. Check out The Basics for Fall Fireside Chats and get a free download for some great conversations you can have.

It’s also a great time to listen to an audible book. This is one of our personal favorite things to do as we drive. You can also listen to a marriage podcast. We keep ours short and around 15 minutes. Perfect for little trips and always inspiring for good chats! Check out the Expedition Marriage podcast!

Make something warm and gooey with apples! Throw on some aprons, grab a bag of apples, or if you really want a great date, go pick your own, then hit the internet and find a warm apple dessert to make together. Throw on some music and just play side by side in the kitchen.

Keep with the cooking spirit. Plan a week of new fall recipes together. This doesn’t sound that exhilarating, but it will be worth it as the week unfolds and you can sit down together to some inspiring fall foods. Maybe have each of you pick a surprise recipe to make for the other during the week, then sit down and enjoy those special meals together beside a fireplace or with some candlelight.

Start a fall décor collection. This may sound cheesy, but when our family would take trips, we would find beautiful rocks that we now keep in a jar as part of our home décor. They remind us of vacations and the fun we’ve had through the years. Fall provides great things in nature. Just simply go for a walk, pick up some beautiful leaves to put behind a frame, some sticks you can use in a basket, or become rock collectors like us.

Go for a photoshoot. Get dressed up in your best flannels and boots and hit the road for some cute local spots and take some pics. Fall provides a great backdrop for some beautiful images! If you don’t want to be in them yourselves, then grab some nature shots. Frame them and make use of them. Let the images you capture become reminders in your home of your love and time together.

Whatever you do this fall, do it with the intention of staying connected. Date nights are so important for your marriage.

Take the opportunity this season to mix it up and add some of that fall spice to your marriage!

This marriage journey is meant to be enjoyed, just get out there and do it!