Who doesn’t love America’s favorite DIY couple Chip & Joanna? Not only are they creators of some spectacular before and afters, they’re also well-loved for their awe-inspiring relationship. On today’s episode, we had a chat about 5 things we can all serve to learn from this dynamic duo. All in the name of fixing up our marriages!


When it comes to Chip & Joanna here are the things that stand out the most and the things we can all serve to remember when it comes to representing what it is to have a healthy marriage:


  • Use each other’s strengths. They are so good about knowing their lanes and staying in them to accomplish the task at hand
  • Encourage one another. Almost every episode we see Chip telling his wife how great she is at what she does while Joanna is constantly reminding Chip of how strong and funny he is.
  • Accept each other for who you are. These two are polar opposites. Chip is all fun and games and Joanna is all focus and intention. These traits could easily cause them to turn on one another, but instead they embrace each other for exactly who they are.
  • Parent together and parent well. Chip and Joanna are very intentional with their children. They model what it is to love their spouse. Joanna and the kids make special treats and sandwiches for Chip and Chip and they kids often drop off dinner t support mom working.
  • Seek balance. They knew when it was time to pull back and call the show quits. It was successful and loved by millions, but their priority was their family and the balance within it. They weren’t afraid to disappoint others for the sake of their family.


At the end of the day, just picking up a few of these traits they model so well would be a marriage gamechanger. Go ahead and choose one to start with! Chip & Joanna would be proud!


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