This is a special episode because it was put together by YOU! Yep, we surveyed our followers and asked them what the best marriage advice they ever received was, and let us tell you, they answered!

On today’s episode we shared what you all said your best advice was. You’ll get to hear our thoughts and see if you’ve been applying any of this wisdom in your own marriage. Here ya go:

  • Fight naked! Have you ever fought physically or emotionally naked with your spouse while letting it all hang out? Being vulnerable is a fast route to resolution.
  • Remember that you’re married to God’s son or daughter. Ooh, that one stings when you think about how you may have treated them on occasion.
  • Never speak negatively or gossip about your spouse. Use your words to speak life and to encourage and uplift.
  • Lower your expectations. Let your spouse off the hook for not meeting all the things you hoped they would.
  • Have a PhD in your spouse’s upbringing. Know the home they came from and how they were shaped to help you understand their triggers and their reasons behind why they do the things they do. Be a resource.

There are many more where this list came from so go check out our article on 17 Great Pieces of Marriage Advice.

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