Being a husband or married to one who is passive is difficult for both partners. A passive husband tends to be held captive by fear, fear of disappointing others, fear of not doing something good enough and fear of getting others upset, especially their spouse.

On the other side of a passive husband is usually a tired wife. A wife waiting for her husband to step up to the plate and invest in their marriage, himself or his faith. She is waiting for him to do something other than taking the path of least resistance.

On today’s episode we talked about the importance of men setting their passivity aside to invest in their marriage and families. Their role is crucial within the home and in society and there are some astounding stats to prove it.

For instance:

  • Teen pregnancy is 75% less likely with an active father’s presence
  • Incarceration is 80% less likely
  • Children are 50% less likely to suffer from depression


And if that’s not enough, children who enter into a saving relationship with Jesus give their parents a 3.5% chance of following and becoming believers themselves. Moms alone becoming believers leaves their children with a 17% chance of following in her footsteps, but Dads who come to know Jesus give their children an astounding 93% chance of following Him too.

Passive dads, we need you to change your ways and start investing in your family. On today’s episode we encouraged you to do just that.


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Quotes from the episode

“There is a father factor in nearly all societal ills in America”

“A passive husband is one who is uninvolved, and just let’s their wives make all the decisions.”



Genesis 3:16

Ephesians 5:22-24