Today’s episode is part 3 in the Ready, Set, Grow series. We’re talking all about the seeds that fall from your marriage into the lives of your children. Those seeds can be healthy and filled with love, conflict resolution, kindness and good communication, or they can be unhealthy ones filled with criticism, strife, impatience, or mediocrity. Join us as we chat about intentionally planting healthy seeds that will last for generations to come in the lives of your children.

The truth is, the best parenting tool you have is your marriage. Your children are learning more about life, love and relationships through what they witness in your marriage during everyday life. It’s time to be intentional about what they see.

Do you want your children to have a front row seat to your fighting, criticizing, or settling for mediocrity, or do you want them to witness what it is to be patient, loving, connected and kind? The answer seems obvious, but sadly, it’s not. All too often parents are operating on cruise control and just going about their lives without giving much thought about the outcome of them.

It’s beyond time that as married couples, we all start thinking about how our marriage impacts our children and what seeds will grow in their lives because of our example.

It’s time to plants seeds of Christ likeness, not seeds that the enemy would be proud of.

Quotes from the episode

“Plant more the seeds of mediocrity in your children.”

“Your marriage is your best parenting tool”

“Are you training your children up under strife and chaos or love and peace?”




Proverbs 22:6