If you’re a parent you’ll know that you intentionally teach your children every day, but what you may not know is that you’re likely unintentionally teaching them things too. It’s no surprise then that it was the exact same for your parents too.

All too often we learn things as children that impact us in ways we never saw coming. All of those triggers you have in your marriage, like the ones that cause you to react rapidly at the sound of a raised voice, or a turned back when you’re talking. That stem from somewhere—and the sooner we can recognize the roots, the sooner we can address them and move on in much healthier manner.

This episode is not about casting blame or perfecting parenting, but rather about awareness and knowledge for the sake of growth for us as individuals and for our children so they don’t have to face the same things we may have.

Divorce, dysfunctional families and even ones that settle for mediocrity all affect us, BUT we get to choose how and for how long. If your life has been impacted by a difficult past, it’s time to move forward.


Quotes from the episode:

“You be the legacy changer so your kids won’t have to ”


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