Husbands, bless them. They try so hard, but sometimes they just miss the important stuff, and not necessarily because of effort, but instead because of wiring. They just don’t understand all the workings of a woman’s brain or heart. And honestly, what makes sense to their wife may make zero sense to them, and vice versa. We simply have different needs. This is why God calls us to be quick to listen. It makes room and space for seeking to understand one another.


On this episode we made it loud and clear for the husbands about the things that are likely very important to their wives.  Things like:


  • Security & protection
  • Undivided attention
  • Honest communication
  • Help with tasks
  • To feel special
  • Breaks for rest and fun


If husbands were to truly get some of those things, there can actually be some pretty big benefits. If a husband listens to his wife, truly listens, she likely won’t feel the need to get repetitive and you’re a lot less likely to end up in an argument. On the same hand, if a husband makes emotional connections with his wife, and shares his feelings in meaningful ways, it’s likely for your intimacy to more quickly move from emotional intimacy to sexual intimacy. Now that’s a win/win and something we’re confident you both want!


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Quotes from the episode:

In case you were wondering…Skeevy | adjective. Unpleasant, squalid, or distasteful As in, we share a toothbrush, kind of skeevy.

“A wife who feels heard, will get said what she needs to say in about 3-5 minutes, but a wife who does not feel heard will repeat it to the death.”

“More emotional intimacy almost always leads to more sexual intimacy.”




“Simply let your ‘Yes’ by ‘Yes’ and your ‘No,’ ‘No.’ Anything else comse from the evil one.” – Matthew 5:37 (BSB)