We’re going to be honest with you and tell you that we got a little fired up in this episode. In fact, this episode is what we’re calling a Hot Topic, one that kicked our regularly scheduled episode down the pipe. In light of the upcoming divorce of Bill & Melinda Gates, we just had to talk about this subject, the trend of the gray divorce. It’s a trend that is increasingly growing as the years pass by and we’re just not okay with it, and we don’t want you to be either.


This gray divorce trend is not new, but it is rapidly growing. In fact, it’s doubled since 1990. We just don’t want to sit idly by why the enemy stands applauding at his handiwork of tearing families apart.


This trend finds its root in the “It’s all about me” message of today’s society—you be happy, you get what you want, you deserve more. It’s time to move on!


First of all, when you got married you signed up for an us, not just a me. And while you can absolutely go after individual things and individual growth, the goal is to do it side by side, not apart. It’s all about moving on…together!


In order to avoid one day facing the gray divorce trend, you want to learn how to have an All in Marriage by:


  • Having full commitment
  • Embracing change
  • Leaving a legacy


Divorce trends just don’t have to be a thing. You can actually stop them dead in their tacks simply by staying on guard and investing in your marriage.


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Quotes from the episode:


“Gray divorces have doubled since 1990. This is not okay ”


“Couples are now viewing their lives in separate chapters instead of in one full story together”


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