Perspective changes everything. On today’s episode Chris & Jamie have a candid chat about the lens of success and failure that men often look at life through. We’re giving the wives a peek into the hearts and minds of many husbands who carry the burden and desire of being able to fix everything and be seen as successful. We’re also sharing some insight on why that avoidant behavior men can sometimes have isn’t at all because they don’t care. Join us for this real life conversation.


Ultimately, failure matters in the life of many men and they will easily do what they know they will succeed at and often avoid or struggle to do the things that they may fail at. This isn’t because they don’t care, it’s actually rooted in some fear. It’s important for wives to understand the things that make their husbands tick.


Here are some great takeaways:


  • They want to make you happy and when they don’t, they often feel like failures
  • Failing or the fear of failure adds stress to their lives.
  • Sharing their struggles often feels like failure
  • Solving problems defines success to many men


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Quotes from the episode:

“Men often easily do things that they will be successful at and avoid things they won’t.”

“Solving problems is what makes men often feel successful. ”



1 Cor 13:1