Christmas is coming, ready or not, and we want you not only to be ready, but also to be excited! That’s why on this episode we’re dishing out all the stress-free holiday tips so you can enjoy yourselves this Christmas.

We tackle some of the top stressors for wives and moms, such as feeling alone and as if the entire execution of Christmas falls on them. And we’re here for the husbands and dads too, who are dealing with their own stressors, including the expenses of the holidays and the frustration of often being kept out of the loop with all the family activities that tend to get sprung upon them without request.

We also offer some great insight and help to get out of that back-and-forth holiday marital stress dance you do—you know the one, you do it every year.

De-Stressing this Christmas all starts with these things: 

  • Plan early and plan together
  • Taking a pass. What can you let go of this year?
  • Staying present and enjoying all the gifts before you
  • Controlling your focus-


After all, the entire reason to celebrate is to worship the Prince of Peace, and that will never be done from a place of chaos!

Now, go grab your Stress-Free Holiday Plan Guide for just $2.99, and get on your way to De-Stressing this Christmas season!



John 14:27

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