What are you striving for in this New Year? How confident are you that it’s the right thing for your marriage and family? Goals are great to have, BUT, if they’re not the right ones, what’s the point? On this episode we shared about the value of striving for something really important, an emotionally healthy home.

It’s easy to get caught up in desiring for more for your family. After all, we all want nice homes, good neighborhoods, jobs that provide good incomes, and all the nice things for our spouse and kids, but at what cost?

What if all you really need was Jesus in the center of your home and just an emotionally healthy atmosphere for your kids to grow up in?

An emotionally healthy home has these 4 components:

  • Everyone is seen and has value
  • Everyone is heard and listened to
  • There is safety and security present
  • Comfort is always available


With these things and all the other things a God-centered home offers, you’re bound to have a thriving marriage and family. So, as you head into the New Year, be sure your focus where it needs to be. Make your home a safe place this year.


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Verses: Mt 7:24-27