Have you ever gotten exhausted by thinking about and constantly dealing with all the problems in your life and marriage? While there’s merit to dealing with problems, there’s also a reason why making them your primary focus is so tiring. Focusing on your problems will anchor you down in the past and therefore make moving forward much more difficult.

The closest and truest warning we get is “for better or for worse, in sickness and in health”, but if we’re honest, none of us ever saw the hardship of sickness or pain that won’t go away coming, and therefore we likely didn’t prepare for it, as if you even could.

purposed driven marriage versus living with a problem focused marriage to be able to move forward

It’s so easy to drop your difference when you come together for a united vision and purpose. But it’s also so easy to stay stuck when you keep thinking your spouse is your enemy. Your spouse indeed is not your enemy, in fact, they’re your battle buddy. You were brought together by God for a purpose and your marriage was given a purpose that only the two of you can fulfill together.

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