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When is the last time you questioned what difference your marriage was making in the world? Did you even know it was designed to be making an impact?

Your marriage serves a much higher purpose than meeting one another’s needs and finding happiness.

I grew up in a non-believing and rather dysfunctional home, but down the street from me lived my friend, Betsy. Betsy’s family was different, her parents were different. They did all the things in their family that my little tender heart longed for.

As an adult, I can clearly see the impact this family had on me. They were a big steppingstone on my path to knowing Jesus. How they treated one another, how they spent their time, and the way they opened their home was all the proof I needed that following Jesus made people different.

Using your marriage for God’s glory and kingdom impacts doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, God’s design is for it to be a natural and unique calling just for the two of you.

You’ll just need to be intentional about it.

If you want to know how to find your purpose as a couple to help you make an impact in the world Be sure to listen to episode 68, How to Have a Marriage that Makes an Impact of the Expedition Marriage podcast.

*Disclaimer: The information discussed in this podcast is meant for entertainment purposes and is not meant to replace counseling or working with a trained healthcare professional.

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