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Do you know someone, or perhaps you are that someone, who keeps going back or staying with an abuser? It’s not uncommon, but it’s always unhealthy.

If you’re wanting to learn about Christian co-dependency and understand the harm of it, discover why you or a loved one might be staying with someone who is abusive and refuses to change, or get clear on real biblical truth about these types of marriages, then tune in to episode 72 of the Expedition Marriage podcast, 20 Lies That Keep You With Your Abuser, where we’re talking with Dr. David Clarke, Christian Psychologist, and author of the new book, 20 Lies That Keep You With Your Abuser.

If this is you, or someone you know, make sure you listen to Episode 70 – Enough is Enough on the Expedition Marriage podcast where we first spoke with our guest, Dr. David Clarke, PhD.

God really wants great things for your marriage, and you can trust Him when He says it’s not to be abused in any form. Come and listen to find hope, encouragement, support, and most importantly, biblical truth.


“That’s not what the Bible says. We are not to submit to sin”

“I’m being honest here. I’m trying to save your abuser too. This is the only chance for the marriage to be saved.”

“He’s not going to change, that’s the game, he loves you trying.”

“We should never call on the VICTUM to do more.”


*Disclaimer: The information discussed in this podcast is meant for entertainment purposes and is not meant to replace counseling or working with a trained healthcare professional.

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