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“My husband isn’t a spiritual leader.” “He never prays with me.” “He won’t do a devotion with me or the kids.” These are some common complaints we hear from wives, and while they seem very valid, we don’t want either of you to miss the true heartbeat of spiritual leadership. There very well might be some room for growth, but there also might be some unrecognized leadership too.

The truth is, spiritual leadership isn’t a one size fits all, and while there are some things to look for, they may not always come packaged like you might be thinking. Spiritual leadership is also a constant work in

progress and requires humility to grow, and grace to provide the best environment for that growth.

If you’re feeling disappointed in the spiritual leadership or lack of you’re seeing form your husband, or if you’re a husband needing some encouragement because you’re worried you don’t have what it takes, join us on episode 75 of the Expedition Marriage podcast, Spiritual Leadership, as we talk about personalities, giftedness, growth, and how they all matter when it comes to spiritual leadership.

*Disclaimer: The information discussed in this podcast is meant for entertainment purposes and is not meant to replace counseling or working with a trained healthcare professional.

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