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Having a spouse who doesn’t easily share with you can be challenging. It can feel so personal and make you wonder why they don’t want to talk to you or maybe why they don’t trust you enough to share with you. It might surprise you to know that often, their lack of sharing has nothing to do with you!

You’re not wrong for pursuing connection with them. In fact, we recommend that you do as connection is a necessary component of a healthy marriage. So, if you’d like some help with your pursuit of connection and communication, check out episode 80, How to Get Your Spouse to Open up to You on the Expedition Marriage podcast.

Learn more about how “Avoiders” react on Episode 55: Avoiders in Marriage. 

*Disclaimer: The information discussed in this podcast is meant for entertainment purposes and is not meant to replace counseling or working with a trained healthcare professional.

Do you feel like you are all alone in your marriage?

Are your schedules so busy with work and taking care of your family that you are simply too tired to connect?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could move from exhausted and alone to connected and supported?

To feel like you were part of a team?

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