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30 Day Video Couples Devotional

5 Minute Video Devotionals

Every devotion is 5 minutes or less for even the busiest couples.


Connecting Questions

Every devotion has connecting questions for you to make God’s Word real in your marriage.

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Devotions emailed to you daily. You don’t need to set a reminder, the devotion is sent directly to your inbox.

What are Drive By Devotions?

Drive By Devotions are short, video devotionals that use scripture and contain practical teaching and application tips by professional marriage counselors and coaches, Chris & Jamie Bailey. They contain not only a video teaching, but also include connecting questions as well as a closing prayer.

Who is Drive By Devotions For?

This 30 Day Drive By Video Devotional is for busy couples who desire to connect to one another on a deeper, more spiritual and emotional level. It is for couples who desire to prioritize their marriage and their communication with one another but might find themselves a little lost on the “how to”, as well as a little short on the “time to”.

Why Drive By Devotions?

Drive By Devotions is unique in the fact that, unlike a typical book,  it is conveniently  delivered directly to your inbox and can be easily accessed within seconds on your phone. It can  be taken anywhere with you and you can enjoy it from any setting you choose. Our devotional is also designed to be simple and straightforward. All the video devotionals are under 5 minutes and each have connecting questions that you can take as deep as you would like. Each devotion has a biblical focus on scripture and ends with a closing prayer.

Let Drive By Devotions take all the guess work out of “What can we talk about besides the kids and work?”. Let us come alongside you, remind you of the truth of God’s Word, help make Him the center of your marriage, and provide opportunity for you to get to know one another better and on a deeper level. Start having real connections and be given practical, hope filled topics to discuss that challenge your marriage, and you as individuals, to grow stronger than ever.

Make time for what’s truly important…
Your Faith & Your Marriage…
5 minutes at a time!

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