Newlywed Couple's Devotional

52 Week Couples Devotional
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Newlywed Couple’s Devotional

(for Newlywed Couples and Newlywed Wanna-Be’s)


  •  52 Weekly Devotionals that explore common issues and themes every couple experiences, such as intimacy, love, commitment, household duties, finances, and more

  •  Everyday Scripture and Reflective Bible Studies that provide practical solutions to bringing marriages closer to God

  •  Action-Oriented Discussion Prompts that hold couples accountable for maintaining their God-anchored vows

  •  Weekly Prayers that are specific and relevant to the topics discussed

Whether you’re a couple that is just getting back from your honeymoons or renewing your vows, this timeless devotional offers essential navigation tools for finding God’s purpose in your marriage.


No need to be newly married in order to gain wisdom and insight from this devotional. In fact, did you know that 56% of couples never received pre-marital counseling? And of those who did, they were likely very limited with the amount of sessions and time spent in digging into the deep topics and obstacles that almost every couple faces. 


Although ideal for the newly married couple, even well-seasoned couples will enjoy the devotions, practical application, and the conversations this devotional provides. So if you’ve been married a while and would like to connect deeper with your spouse and have more thought provoking, marriage enhancing conversations that keep God in the center, this devotion is for you!


Get yours today and start enjoying your journey together!