Did you know that God intended sex to be for a lot more than just procreation? Yep, it’s true! AND, He actually wants you to not only be having it in your marriage, but also enjoying it!

Join us on the podcast today as we share the truth about married sex and all the reasons to be having it. We’re busting some misconceptions and sharing some truths, such as:

Wives, sex is more than just a physical release for your husbands. Believe it or not, they desire sex because that is the best way they actually connect with you and feel closest to you.

Husbands, it is emotionally hurtful to your wife to have sex without if you have not met her emotional needs. Foreplay starts when your feet hit the floor. That cup of coffee you bring her in the morning, that first kiss you give her when you get home, that genuine offer of help, all matter. She needs you to actively love her well in order to desire to have frequent sex with you.


We also shared some staggering stats on pornography:

47% of families report pornography as being a problem in their marriage

68% of churched men admit to currently or previously be using pornography

The porn industry makes more than the NBA, NFL and MLB combined

11 is the average age children see pornography and by 14 94% of them have been exposed to it.

Having consistent sex OR getting to the root of the problem as to why you’re not is key to having the fullest intimacy possible in your marriage.


Quotes from the episode:

“In its truest form, sex facilitates two becoming one in marriage—not only two physical bodies, but two hearts, two minds, and two souls.” -Newlywed Couple’s Devotional

“Foreplay begins the minute your feet hit the floor”

“Husbands want to have sex to feel connected to their wives.”



Proverbs 5:18-19

1 Corinthians 7:3