This episode is part 2 of the “How to L.O.V.E. your Way through Conflict” 4 part series. In this episode we look at the letter ‘O’ for Observe the affects.

Today we’re talking about really honing in on what’s going on with your spouse by the way they react or respond to you or what you’ve said or done. We’re digging a little deeper as we follow up part 1 with some practical tips on how to really observe what the real issue is with one another. Tune in to find out what might really be going on when you’re upset.


There might just be some areas where one or both of you need to give more grace, be a little kinder, and perhaps offer yourself up as a valuable resource to one another.


You can do this by: 

  • Learning to respond instead of re-act
  • Giving more grace when your spouse is upset
  • Choosing to ask what they need instead of defending yourself


Leave this episode with the challenge of apologizing to your spouse or making a decision to be the “more spiritually mature” one and extending a lot of grace to your spouse today!