Today’s episode topic comes straight from our hearts and our listener responses. While we are fully aware that women have affairs too, today’s topic has a much needed message for the wives of husbands who cheat. This is a message for the wife who feels she needs to be a godly wife, forgive, hold strong to her vows and simply turn the other cheek.  Instead, we share with you why that is a recipe for disaster, and then shed some light on what will really bring reconciliation.


While we are 100% FOR marriage, we are also 100% against abuse and repeat adultery offenders. If you have a husband who has cheated and you’re unsure what to do, here’s a short list of what needs to happen in order to move forward.

  • Remorse and repentance
  • Fully cutting off the relationship
  • An open book life giving full access to his phone, computer, whereabouts, etc.
  • Allowing the victim to lead with intimacy, boundaries, what they’re comfortable with and triggers
  • Consistent work and effort for healing


Without these things there is a 55% failure rate for reconciliation but with them it decreases to 15%. You have to be willing to require to your husband to do the work, else you will remain as a potential victim who never is able to trust their husband.


We are for your marriage but we are also for your safety, health and emotional wellbeing, and truth be told, SO IS GOD!


Bible Verses:

Exodus 20:14
1 Cor 6:18
1Cor 7:14-15
Prov 6:32
Matthew 5:31-32
Matthew 19:9
Matthew 5:27-28
Hebrews 13:4



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