Are you too tired for date night? Does going to bed as soon as the kids go to bed sound more delightful than heading out for a night on the town? We get it as we’ve been there, done that. That’s why we shared on this episode why date nights are so important and how you can make them easier to do with young kids at home.

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By keeping your dating life strong, you will: 

  • Remain connected
  • Divorce proof your marriage
  • Keep things connecting in the bedroom
  • Bring back all that likeability you have for one another


And, your kids will reap some benefits too.

  • They’ll have less anxiety and fear as they aren’t always dependent upon you
  • Your marriage sets the tone for you home and if you’re connected it’s better.
  • They will feel more security knowing you have a strong marriage


So, use these ideas to keep it simple and date your spouse!

  • Date at home when they go to bed. Dessert nights, fort nights, backyard picnics
  • Keep it cheap and trade watching the kids with a friend
  • Don’t feel guilt over asking grandparents to babysit, just do it!
  • Go on breakfast dates to fight late date fatigue
  • Grab some ice cream, listen to a marriage podcast and chat
  • Use Gathering Around’s Date Night cards for great conversations!