How much do you hate it when your husband is late for everything? How about when your wife’s make up takes over the entire bathroom counter? Do these things drive you just a little nutso? Well, today’s episode is for you! We’re having a chat about what we can do about those flaws that drive us nuts in one another.

What if the answer isn’t just in getting them to stop what they’re doing or change? Not the response you were hoping for, was it?

What if the solution didn’t lie within them but it’s something you’ve had all along? Proper perspective? Kindness? Humility? Gratitude?

We’re going to help you hash all these things out and learn to live with the spouse of your dreams, even when their bad habits or flaws are a bit of a nightmare!

We’re also going to leave you with some practical application to take with you:

  • Evaluate your two biggest annoyances
  • Look for the gift in them
  • Look for the lesson for YOU
  • List out your gratefulness

 The truth is, there’s no perfect spouse, but there are believers who are equipped to walk in the Fruit of the Spirit.

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