Have you ever gotten horrible marriage advice? What about advice that you thought sounded good but turned out it really wasn’t? On this episode we shed some light on some of what we believe to be some bad advice that won’t help your marriage. In fact, we’re so passionate about you hearing the truth for your marriage that we made this a 2-part series. 

Bad Marriage Advice:

Marriage is 50/50– Not according to God it’s not. “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather in humility, value others above yourselves.” Phil 2:3 All throughout scripture we are called to go the “extra mile”, “die to self”, “submit to one another.” God wants us each living sacrificially instead of selfishly. Sacrificial love is a win for each spouse and for God.

Don’t go to bed angry- Eph 4:26, Ps 4:4. No need to force an apology or shove a problem under the rug before the sun goes down. These verses are a call to spiritual maturity, self-control and to healthily deal with anger within a day’s time before anger takes root.

Stay together no matter what- Nope. God does not desire for you to be cheated on or abused mentally, physically, or emotionally. While all of those issues can, not always, be filled with hope and redemption, while those things are active and ongoing, that is not God’s will for you to stay and be harmed.

Stay together for the kids- Sounds great, but if you’re going to stay together for the kids you must be actively working on your marriage. Else, is all that’s being accomplished is modeling a dysfunctional marriage for the to repeat one day. There’s a better way!

Be sure when you’re accepting marriage advice that you do what we call a “fruit check”, from who you’re taking it from. Make sure that their marriage is thriving and centered on God first.



Eph 4:26

Ps 4:4