Do you ever find yourself pursuing the happiness of your spouse at the expense of your own well-being or your own desires? Perhaps you’re married to someone who struggles with this. If this is you, then this episode was for you! We talked about the common roots of people pleasing and we shared what to do about them. 

People pleasers often are affected by one of these things:

  • Low self-esteem- believing the lie that they hold no value or are unworthy.
  • Insecurity- believing the lie that others won’t like them if they don’t sacrifice themselves
  • Perfectionism- believing the lie that things are only ok when everything and everyone is good.
  • Painful Past- being trained in self-protection in the form of accommodating to stay mentally emotionally or physically safe.

People pleasers often do these things in a marriage: 

  • Say they’re fine when they’re not
  • Apologize for everything
  • Have built up resentment, that may come out all at once
  • Tolerate hurtful or abusive behavior just to keep the peace
  • Settle for a mediocre or a bad marriage to avoid upsetting their spouse.
  • Suffer from emotional exhaustion

What to do about it:

  • Admit to your spouse that you struggle with this and ask for help
  • Use them to help you set boundaries
  • Allow yourself a pause to regroup and drum up courage
  • Control your mindset

If you’re a people pleaser, know this—Your needs being met, having time for yourself, having your thoughts and feelings respected are not selfish and you deserve them.

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