Dear Sweet Child,

I know you’re scared right now — for your marriage and for what the future may hold. Would you come and just sit in my presence and let me remind you that I control the future? I have begun this great work in you and in your marriage. I am not finished yet, and I will finish the work I started. Don’t worry. Don’t doubt. 

Trust me.

 I am trustworthy. I am forever faithful. I have never left you, nor will I ever leave you or forsake you. You don’t have to fear, because I am your God. I am the Maker of heaven and earth and the very creator of marriage itself. I will strengthen you and uphold you. Even though it feels like it, I will not allow you to be moved.

Come sit with me, for I know you are tired. Give me your burden, your marriage, and I will carry it. My yoke is easy. 

I know you feel like you can barely go on, but I am here, and I will provide the strength you need to persevere. Have I ever not provided the exact grace you needed in the exact moment you needed it? Is there anything you have not survived this far? I know every hair on your head, every need you have, and every longing of your heart. You can trust me to know exactly what your marriage needs, too. 

Will you trust me to refine you? To refine your spouse? To make all things new?

I know you are filled with doubt, but don’t forget who I am. I am the God of redemption. There is nothing too hard for me, dear one that I love. I know every detail of your marriage, and my glory is unfolding in it. I never do anything without purpose. I am the One who can make beauty from ashes. I made you, my magnificent work of art, in my very own image, from mere dust on the ground. Remember that I make beautiful things out of what seems like nothing.

My words alone can breathe life. I am the One who tells what is dead to rise up. Can I not do the same for your marriage? Will you take my hand and walk with me on this journey? 

Trust me.

Will you choose to take my strength, grace, and mercy and learn to suffer well? I have called you to this for a purpose. Your desert season is not unknown to me. You just don’t understand my ways; I know this, because my ways are higher than yours. If you could see what I was doing or understand me fully, I would simply be a greater version of you, but I am not. I am the great I Am. There is none like me. 

Trust me. 

Keep walking — one foot in front of the other. Follow Me. These are the trials that I promised you would come. Remember that I have overcome them already; therefore, you can take heart and find rest. 

Breathe in. Breathe out. 

Breathe in… 

Breathe out…  

That is the very breath I give you and sustain you with. Do you feel me? With every breath, that is Me. I have never left your presence. 

Great is my faithfulness, for I am not a God who disappoints. Fix your eyes on me, and you will be given perfect peace. Wait for me in your suffering. I am working. I am making a stream in the wasteland.  

Trust me.

I love you,