It’s the husbands turn! If you caught Episode 31, What Wives really Want, well then, this episode is giving the husbands a voice! We’re having a chat today about what’s important to men. Wives and husbands alike, tune in to listen and grow! This episode will be sure to help you both enjoy the journey of marriage!

What Husbands Want from Their Wives….


And ye, sex may very well be a popular answer, but hopefully, you’re not surprised by what we had to say about that. That while sex is indeed something men want, it’s also not just a need for the men. God made sex for the wives too, and there are many wives who share this same desire for sex as well. As they both should!

Your second guess may be respect, and you’d also be right about that. In fact, we talked about how both love and respect (Eph 5:33) in marriage are biblical commands from God, so of course He’s made them needs within us. Truth be told, we ALL want to have both love and respect and every good marriage should contain both. However, as a general rule, as men and women we tend to gravitate and desire one more than the other.

When it comes to the desires of a man, Chris shared how many of them fall under the umbrella of respect, which looks a lot like:

  • Support
  • Encouragement
  • Giving then the benefit of the doubt
  • Acceptance & Understanding


We also shared a very practical way to give husbands what they’re asking for, and that’s by treating them as a V.I.P.

  • Verbally – Speak life, watch your tone, give praises, and quit criticizing
  • Intellectually – Invite them to fix problems, ask for their help and input. Let them use their intellectual giftedness. Show them that they offer value and are needed.
  • Physically – Ask them their physical needs which may not be sexual at all. Perhaps it’s getting them coffee in the morning or greeting them with a kiss after you’ve been apart. What are their top 3 needs they have? Ask them and do your best to meet them.


Putting these things into practice along with What Wive Really Want from Episode 31, and you’ll be sure to have a fulfilling marriage that makes it easy to Enjoy the Journey!