Are you feeling disconnected in your marriage? Would you even know how to tell if you were?

Your marriage will go through stages of both connection and disconnection. The key is to not stay disconnected for long. Everyday life can make connecting a little bit more challenging; there are kids, jobs, running the house, stressors from busyness, and all the things happening in the world around us. All these things tend to beckon you much more and much louder than the quiet moments together with your spouse.

Here’s a short list to help you identify if disconnection is in your marriage:

  • One or both of you feel like giving up
  • One or both of you aren’t sharing
  • Your emotions aren’t seen or validated
  • You have no conflict resolution
  • You have no time together
  • You’ve run out of things to talk about
  • You feel too busy or overwhelmed
  • You feel all alone

While disconnection can be a brief normal part of marriage, it shouldn’t be something that lingers. Dealing with disconnection is significant to the health of your marriage.

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