The air is getting crisper, the nights are getting shorter, and your schedule might be getting a little busier. That means that now is the time to add connecting with your spouse on the calendar, and fortunately, fall provides some new and fresh ways to do just that!

One of our favorite things to do in the fall as a couple is to sit out back with all the necessary S’more supplies and cozy up around a blazing firepit. It provides the perfect atmosphere of unplugging and relaxing. The snapping and crackling of the fire, the warmth on your face, and there’s just something about it that makes cuddling a whole lot nicer.

With all that ambiance, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to connect as a couple. It’s a great time to set aside all the stressful things and begin to dream together. As marriage therapists, we like to recommend doing a couples reset during each season change, and what better place to do that than around a firepit?

If you want to hit the fall running and connected as a couple, here’s all you need to know for a fulfilling fireside chat:

Fireside Chats 101


Bring your listening ears. Plan on lots of listening and some seeking to understand. Use your conversation time as an opportunity to hear your spouse. Find out where their heart is at and what’s going on in their life. In fact, we’ve made this easy for you with our Fireside Chat Questions for Couples that you can grab for free below.


Set the mood. If you’re able, grab those flannels and some cozy socks for the both of you. Designate a cozy blanket just for fireside use. This is a kickback and relax kind of time and comfort is key. Be sure to smoosh those chairs together too, in fact, don’t even feel the need to use 2 chairs!


    Bring the food! Of course, you can’t have a firepit without marshmallows for roasting and S’more making, but if those aren’t your thing, maybe it’s time to bust out your nice mugs for some hot cocoa. And if all else fails, hand your man a meat stick! You’ll never go wrong with that. What man doesn’t like some jerky around a fire?!

    That’s it. That’s all you’ll need for the perfect night around the fire. Sometimes it truly is the simple things in life that connect us the most. Fall is the perfect season to keep it simple amongst the chaos. Get outside, enjoy nature, take walks, and do things side by side and face to face.

    Life is too precious to let one more season pass you by. Get out there and Enjoy the Journey!